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Fossil images

This fossil image gallery here contains many photos from my palaeontology work, including pics from both the field and the laboratory. I’m happy for you to share or use the photos, especially for education-type purposes. My only request is that if you do so, please do be sure that you give due credit to both myself and the website, Higher resolution images (including those minus the watermark) may also be made available upon direct request. Please use the contact buttons above to get in touch.

The photos in the galleries below are related mostly to my research work on Australia’s extinct Pleistocene megafauna. There are many photos from several of my primary research fossil sites, including the Darling Downs, Rockhampton, Chillagoe, Gulf of Carpentaria, plus other wonderful localities that I have had the privilege to work at, including the Lake Eyre Basin.

Darling Downs: February 2015

Fieldwork at fossil sites